Yuma Blaze

Yuma Blaze is the competitive travel team club of Yuma Youth Hockey. Yuma Blaze competes in the Inline Hockey Association of Arizona (IHAAZ) league. Tournament locations include Yuma, Tucson, Peoria, Queen Creek, and Prescott Valley.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to play for Yuma Blaze?

There is no registration fee and fundraising covers the tournament entry fees. Each player is required to purchase a sports insurance card, which typically costs less than $20. Families are responsible for their own travel costs which include fuel and lodging (if necessary).

How much fundraising is involved?

Each player is required to participate in three financial fundraisers: Poinsettia Sales in October/November and BBQ Ticket & Raffle Ticket Sales for the tournament in February. In addition, each player is required to volunteer at the Yuma tournament and each team is required to volunteer at Midnight At The Oasis (MATO).

How much travel is involved?

The first tournament of the year, in February, is held here in Yuma. There are four other tournaments we travel to in Tucson, Peoria, Queen Creek and State Finals (for all teams, no matter rank) in Prescott Valley. State Finals are typically in May or June and are the end of travel season.

What are the age divisions?

8U, 10U, 12U, 14U & High School. Division is determined by age as of January 1st. Currently, girls may play two-years down (for example, a ten-year-old girl would be able to play on the 8U team); however, that rule may change to be only one-year down.

How often are practices? Are they required?

Each team has mandatory practice 2 weekdays/week. Additional practices and/or scrimmages may be held on Saturdays.

Do I need my own equipment?

We do have loaner equipment available. We recommend purchasing gear from Behind the Mask, with several locations in Phoenix.